Welcome to Crystal Palace Locations

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre stands in the middle of the historic two-hundred acre park in South East London. Managed by Greenwich Leisure Limited, the multipurpose sports facility opened the 6th of July in 1964 just before the Tokyo Olympics. Its premiere training venue accommodates more than forty sports for aspiring athletes in the area. The Centre is the largest comprehensive filming location in the heart of South London and has hosted thousands of film shoots and major events such as the world Grand Pre and numerous diving events.

Along with the sporting amenities, the facility itself has a beautifully unique architectural design that makes Crystal Palace stand out among one of the most sought after locations for film and TV production. From inside out, the sport centres design is like no other facility in the area. From the rooftop, which is designed to appear as a swimmer performing the butterfly stroke, to the mechanical industrial designed basement, the sports centre has the aesthetic appeal for a diverse range of events and filming productions.

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre possesses numerous unique features that have made it a well sought out location for filming and photography. The Centre is home to the only deep water tank in South East London. The warm water tank is twenty meters square and five meters deep. Recently, casting for RNLI’s “Surviving colder water” commercial took place at Crystal Palace. Along with the deep water tank, The Centre contains three pools with observation windows to capture underwater shots.

Within the past few months, more than three shoots took place at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Comedian, Jimmy Carr, recently was on location for a Christmas release shoot as well as three World Cup commercials. The Sports Centre is a unique facility that can accommodate a diverse range of clients.

Abigail Genova