Score for England, Score a Car.

The Crystal Palace National Sport Centre located in South East London is home to the largest comprehensive filming location in the area. Accommodating for more than forty sports, the centre is one of the most sought after locations for film and TV production. Within the past few months, multiple production jobs have taken place on site including three World Cup commercials. One in particular being Auto Trader’s car giveaway commercial.

The commercial was created to air during the World Cup this year. The car giveaway explains that every time England scored in the World Cup, Auto Trader would give away one of their vehicles. To be eligible all viewers had to do was use Auto Traders hashtag on social media to enter the competition whenever England scored. The vehicles in the giveaway were a Jeep Renegade Longitude, Abarth 595, Alfa Romeo MiTo or Fiat 500X. The premise of the Auto Trader commercial displays the vehicles as football players playing in a stadium field. The vehicles drive back and forth across the field following the direction of a rolling football like they are playing an actual game.

The commercial was shot in Crystal Palace National Sport Centres stadium. Located at the front of the facility, the stadium can hold up to 44,000 people. The stadium is a multipurpose area that has been used for different events, sports games and productions. For instance, the stadium hosted the 1992 India versus Pakistan Tilda Floodlit cricket game and a 1982 visit from Pope John Paul II.

The Auto Trader commercial uses great creativity and choreography to fill the space of the stadium field, as well as, create the visual representation of the cars playing football on the field.

Thanks to this promotion at least nine football fans walked away with a new car.

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Abigail Genova